Our Founder

Family Owned & Operated Since 2010

After 18 years in the restaurant industry as a chef in St. Louis, Memphis, Louisville, Atlanta, Albuquerque and attending culinary school in Vermont, Jim developed a cooking style encompassing several regions and styles. Most notably, Jim enjoys southwestern cuisine with French & Italian technique which can be seen (and tasted) in each of his products.

James Beard Dinner NY 2000 – Jarrett’s Restaurant Memphis TN – Jim O’Brien front right

Crazy Good was formed in Albuquerque NM in 2010 as a means to subsidize an income and intended to be a college fund for his son Nolan.

Chef Jim O’Brien
Milagro Grill & Brewery Albuquerque
After moving home to the Memphis area (Hernando MS) in 2011, Jim was laid off from his job due to corporate downsizing. Jim immediately began selling his sauces & seasonings to stores, restaurants, farmers markets and anyone wanting to jazz up their food. The hot sauces started to gain a cult-like following among Memphis restaurants which lead to grocery & liquor store sales.
The introduction of Crazy Mary. Fall of 2013
In 2013 the Mixers were introduced beginning with Crazy Mary and quickly followed by Crazy Rita.

Jim O’Brien’s Crazy Good Sauce has been a Mid-South business since 2012 and has become a high integrity brand that produces the tastiest all natural products in their categories.

“Food should be fun while being safe to eat because everyone deserves to eat well. Food should be a celebration bringing friends and family together. Play with your food!”

– Jim O’Brien